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Foundation is Everything with the right fitting Bra....

Life Starts with a Beautiful Foundation…

I’m speaking for myself when I say that when it comes to a beautiful foundation, for me, it begins with what I’m wearing underneath my clothes; I’m talking about my bra. Bette Midler once called them, “the over the shoulder boulder holder” and yes, that they are. Some girls with extra shelf, like me, need a great bra that fits well, holds the girls up, and keeps them in place.

Now, back in the day, when there were not that many options available, I remember having to go with the old-school bra, a plain, white bra with torpedo pointers shooting their way through my tops and blouses. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you know what I’m talking about.

A great bra is truly a great foundation and will do you all the good under that fabulous wrap dress you love to wear or that great silk cashmere sweater. I use these styles and fabrics because they can show off your figure and for that, you want a great fitting and supportive bra to complement and enhance what’s underneath. Some of my favorite brands to buy are from and They are some of the best in my opinion, because I have tried them. Don’t fool yourself though; these bras are not cheap. They are, however, investment pieces that will last you a good while, if taken care of well.

I recently went for a fitting at Nordstrom. I believe a woman should get bra fitted at least once a year; as our bodies change and so will our cup size. It’s important to know what bra size you are so you are properly fitted and have the correct size, otherwise it will show under clothing. If you don’t have the right fitting bra, spillage happens. You get the spillage on the sides, top or bottom, which is no good and does not look good. Unfortunately, this has happened to me many times.

My sister gave me the best advice and so did my mother, always encouraging me to invest in myself. Though my sister could be a bit rough, she meant well. She would take my bra strap and hold it up, saying “They should be higher”. I got the message and decided I was tired of being bra bullied, so I decided to get a fitting. My fitting with Nordstrom was awesome! The sales lady was welcoming, she had her tape measure ready, she asked me what I was looking for, and she picked out several choices from as well as www.wacoal-america.comand a few others. Once I tried on my elomi bra, I fell in love with the fit. It was perfect and gave me great support for the girls. I purchased two bras at about $69.00 (please keep in mind, these are investment pieces and are very much worth extra dollars). My encouragement to you- invest in yourself. Check out your nearest Nordstrom store or Macy’s, get a good bra fitting, know your true bra size, and invest. I added some pictures below if you look closely you will notice the form, shape and lift of this bra, which I really love I’m wearing an elomi bra.

Toyin Harris